What People Have to Say About Rev. Ron Martin

“When Ronnie ministers the Word of God, you can expect to meet God personally in all His power and in all His presence. You will not be disappointed.” Read more.
Pastor Scott C. Stanek, Bastrop Christian Outreach Center
“His sense of compassion and stalwart integrity impressed everyone who met him. He was always there for people in need.” Read more.
Chief (ret.) Robert C. Lucid
“Ron keeps the message real! I invite Ron back to minister to my congregation again and again.” Read more.
Pastor Greg Boyle, Unconditional Love Christian Fellowship
“I have watched Ron speak to bereaved families to bring them some measure of comfort in their time of unspeakable loss. I have heard others talk about the calm that a few minutes with Ron brought them at a time of chaos. I have personally sought his counsel, at times when my own faith was shaken.” Read more.
Michael Freeman, Summit Policemen’s Benevolent Association State Delegate #55
“God puts us in places at certain points of our life to make connections that bless and shape our future. This is truly what I believe happened Back in March 2008. On that cool early spring evening I attended a viewing for a close and long-time family friend, Gerald Holmes. Gerry was my Father’s partner of 25 plus years on the Summit Police Department.” Read more.
Eric Formichella

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