Testimonial: Michael Freeman

I serve the Summit PBA Local #55 as State Delegate to Union County and the State of NJ. One of my functions in this position is to act as liaison between the members of Summit PBA and the community. Another function is to protect and serve the men and women who protect the City of Summit. A major factor in that Service is to comprise a network of people that can help others in a time of need. Rev. Ron Martin serves as the Chaplain to the Summit Police Department.

I am fortunate to have Rev. Ron Martin in my network. Long before Ron became a Minister, I met and befriended him. I worked alongside him and we shared many good times. I can honestly say that the best thing that he ever shared with me is the day the Lord entered his life and changed him forever. To say that he was washed in the blood of the Crucified One is completely accurate. Rev. Ron Martin has committed his life to bringing the Word of the Lord to my members and to the community he serves. He does it with his words and his deeds.

I have watched Ron speak to bereaved families to bring them some measure of comfort in their time of unspeakable loss. I have heard others talk about the calm that a few minutes with Ron brought them at a time of chaos. I have personally sought his counsel, at times when my own faith was shaken. Ron has the ability to reach people. His genuine approach to love his neighbor, just as he loves Jesus, is obvious to all that see him do the Lord’s work, at the same time he does police work.

Anybody that wants to know about Ron’s life should ask him. He will give you a real complete testimony of who he is. He is a personable, likeable, effervescent character. But most importantly, he will always be a most humble servant of the Lord.

Yours in Christ,
Michael Freeman
State Delegate #55

Summit Policemen’s Benevolent Association
P.O. Box 552, Summit, New Jersey 07902-0552
908-598-2198 x3646

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