The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Ron Martin Ministries – An Evangelistic Outreach – The Battle Belongs to the Lord

The Most Powerful Men on Earth are Those Who are Anchored in Christ!

There are tremendous pressures on all of us today. In our fast-paced lives, temptation can be viewed as a release, a way to escape, the very real pressures of our everyday life. Sexual temptation is very powerful. It is all around us and has taken control of many lives, destroying our homes and breaking our hearts. Perhaps you have been defeated in your battle with sexual temptation yourself. You do not have to be defeated. God has promised that sin shall not be the master over you. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, you can and you WILL walk in VICTORY! Let’s invade the enemy’s camp TOGETHER and TAKE BACK what RIGHTFULLY Belongs to YOU!

Temptation hasn’t changed much since the beginning of time. The tactics are the same; the principles involved are identical. The only aspect that has changed is the bait. Of course, it is always easier to avoid temptation than to overcome it. The Bible is the believer’s guide (aka war manual) to winning this spiritual battle!

Ron will guide you through powerful scriptures where you will find realistic help straight from God’s Word. Actively train your eyes and your mind to increasingly see and think according to God’s standards. When the enemy throws fiery darts in our direction, God’s Word has trained us to launch Holy Ghost missiles which are guaranteed to strike and destroy our intended targets!

Ron passionately reminds his brothers in Christ that NO SIN, NO SHAME, NO PAST, NO PAIN can ever separate us from God’s love!!

Many mighty men of God struggle with sexual temptation in their lives. When men of God succumb to sexual sin, they may temporarily fall out of fellowship with God; however, we NEVER fall out of Relationship with God! Man does not fall out of God’s grace; he falls INTO God’s grace! Does this proclamation give us a license to sin? CERTAINLY NOT! But what it does do is give us yet ANOTHER extraordinary reason to praise God!!

You will make one of two significant life altering decisions in your life:

jesus-navy-anchoredTo either employ the enemy or destroy the enemy.

While listening to a preacher as a young man, Ron can vividly recall his very words:

“Sin will take you further than you want to go

Keep you longer than you want to stay

And cost you far more than you want to pay.

Embarrass sin before sin embarrasses you.”

With that said, it is my duty to inform you, Men, that the Alarm has Sounded!


“General Quarters! General Quarters! All Hands, Man Your Battle Stations!


Hull # John 10:28

“And I give unto them Eternal life, and they shall NEVER perish, neither shall ANY man pluck them out of my hand.”

Men of God, we are under HIS command. No man, no woman, not even you is capable of removing yourself from His Mighty Hands! You are Anchored in Christ; the Battle Belongs to the Lord!

To invite Ron to speak at your next Men’s Conference to share God’s truths on winning the battle against sexual temptation, please forward all requests to [email protected] or call (908) 578-1515.

In 1985, Ron’s mom (Ann Martin) asked a dear family friend to draw a picture of Jesus protecting and guiding Ron’s life, along with the rest of his crew members, aboard this United States Naval Destroyer. The drawing became a source of inspiration and courage for all and was proudly displayed on the ship’s bridge for many years.

“Mighty Men of God, We Are His Vessels and He is Our Victor!”

—God Bless the Anchored Men of the Lord.


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